Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Commander League: June 1st, 2013

Alright, so let's get down to business before we begin, this is not a return, just a slight idea being put into motion, with that let me explain what this particular commander league is going to be all about.

#1) This league is intended to be fair and fun for all EDH players in the city of Toronto and around the city, who want a consistent event that's not Duel Commander.

#2) We are using a points system for this event, which can be expanded further but with approval from everyone at the league, I will go into detail for the league's point system a little later.

#3) The location of this event will take place at the Hairy Tarantula North Store, located at 6979 Yonge, to get there, go to finch station and catch the 53 Steeles East to Steeles Avenue, the store is located within the little strip mall, go downstairs and you are there.

The start time and the event date are as follows

Start Time: 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
Event Date: Saturday, June 1st, 2013
Entry Fee: $5 Canadian

The points system we are using for this event is a little complex, since we are basing it off of 2-3 different point systems with inclusions from Sheldon Menery's suggested point system, so let's get down to the points system.

Basic Points

[+1] Fatality - Eliminate a player. This award can be earned multiple times, but only once per turn.
[+1] Frontline Commander – Eliminate a player through commander damage.
[+2] Last Planeswalker Standing – Win the game by having all other players eliminated.
[+1] Fateful Kill – Eliminate a player when you have 5 or fewer life.
[+1] Get Creative – Eliminate a player through a method other than damage, commander damage, or poison counters.

Basic points are considered easier to get then others, due to some creative thinking, this points system encourages a unique way of playing the game, while making it balanced and fun.

Co-operation Points

[+1] Quick Save – Save one opponent’s creature from another opponent’s removal.
[+1] Get Back In There – Save another player from being killed by another opponent.
[+1] Gift of Knowledge – Cause another player to draw 3 or more cards with a non-symmetric effect. (Symmetric effects include Howling Mine, Arcane Denial, etc.)
[+1] Gather the Tribe – Control six or more creatures with different names of the same creature type. (Conspiracy effects don’t count.)

Co-operation points are one of the more enjoyable, since each reward is based off specific situations in game, alliances will come into play more then likely to take out the strongest threat at the table during the games played.

Negative Points

[-4] Nice Game, Bro – Eliminate a player before they have taken their fifth turn.
[-2] Natural Disaster – Destroy one or more opponents’ mana base. Examples include Armageddon and like effects , using targeted land destruction to destroy a player’s only source(s) of one colour , or using Wasteland and Crucible of Worlds to prevent a player from further developing their mana base.
[-2] No Turns For You – Soft lock a player, preventing them from playing all spells for three or more turns. Examples include recurring Yosei, the Morning Star, or Silence on an Isochron Scepter targeting the same player each time.
[-1] Hog the Spotlight – Take more than 2 additional turns in a given turn cycle.
[-1] Just Call A Judge – Argue over a rules question and be wrong.

Negative points can be given as well for situations that stall the game, kill a player before a sufficent board state is accumlated and the like, this is probably not going to be changed unless we need to alter a rule or add a new rule to the points system.

End of Game Points

[+1] No Tutors, No Bribes – Finish the game without searching a player’s library for a nonland card. Effects controlled by other players that cause you to search your library do not cause you to lose this achievement.
[+1] Wild Card – At the end of the game, each player secretly votes for an opponent whose playing they enjoyed the most. The player who receives the most votes gets this achievement.

End of game points will also determine the winner, as after each and every match the game winner will be determined by the total number of points, plus the additional +1 from the Wild card which is more then likely going to swing the game win in a totally other player's way.

The points system for this event was thought up by Myself, Jay and Mike who thought of this league while borrowing the best rules system we can for it, we encourage everyone to attend for this event on the 1st saturday of June, till then this is Vergil signing off

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