Thursday, January 31, 2013

Magic the Gathering News Volume 24: Judge Promos, Dragon's Maze Prerelease information And Much, Much More

Hello everyone and welcome to the end of yet another month in magic the gathering, this month we've got quite a bit to talk about, besides the tournaments that happened, 2 judge promos were revealed this month, along with information on Dragon's Maze pre-releases as well as next month's FNM promo, so let's go.

Excited for more modern FNM's next month, well you should, how about a Foil Reliquary Tower for you folks for FNM next month, yes the M13 reprint is scheduled to be next month's FNM promo and it's something I am sure everyone is happy about, since January's was a little lack luster.

So a couple of Judge promos popped up on the net, one of them was a promo Bribery which has the collector's number 2/8, it's a very nice card and it is sure to fetch a pretty penny since the original is a hefty sum, a very nice choice wizards for commander players.

Another was this foil Swords to Plowshares which also popped up which has the collector's number 1/8 and like the previous one is a commander favorite for all white players, competitive or not, be sure to scoop this bad boy up while you can.

Dragon's Maze pre-release information was revealed earlier this month as well, it's the same as the other two, you pick a guild, but with all 10 available, you get to have a shot at any guild of your choice, this time though the prerelease card is not allowed to be used in your deck, but here's the catch, for the guild you pick, you get 4 dragon's maze booster packs, 1 gatecrash pre-release pack with the aligned colors you choose, so if you choose Azorius, you'll get a Dimir pack, then you'll receive a Return to ravnica azorius prerelease pack.

Also in Dragon's maze the basic lands are gone for the set, you'll open non basic lands, guildgates with the Dragon's Maze set symbol on them, the shock lands will also appear in this set, as their normal rarity, plus with their normal set symbol, wizards is really pushing modern here folks. As well as there's a Mythic rare land scheduled to be in this set, we will see when the time comes of course.

Over the course of the month, the next core set was announced Magic 2014, previewing what could be a brand new Chandra, let's take a look at the preview piece.

For the full set details, see the link below.

And that's it for the month of January, with pro tour gatecrash around the corner, I will be expecting to see how good the standard format is with the brand new cards of Gatecrash in combination with return to ravnica, so until next time this is vergil signing off.

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